The Great Photo Challange

Boom Chicago’s original flagship team building event is the perfect group game. Teams compete doing group photo tasks that are created especially for your organization. The challenges are fun, funny and inspired by your people, products and company.


In het kort

  • Van 50 € per persoon
  • Eten inbegrepen
  • Van 10 tot 350 personen
  • Duur: 3 uur


The scoring is both fair (so winning matters) and also not the most important thing. The game is smart but does not require great or equal language skills. Everybody can play and everyone will love it!


After the game, we serve dinner and drinks. The scores are tallied, and everyone comes together for the Photo Finish, a tailored comedy awards show performance, starring your company and your photos!

Details van het aanbod

Activity, equipment & technology


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