Voormalige 100 Jaar Oude Bioscoop

Voormalige 100 Jaar Oude Bioscoop, a partner of Unique Venues of Amsterdam, combines great facilities, creativity, comedy and a can-do attitude. We love specialevents. Let’s create something spectacular together!

In het kort

  • Toegankelijk voor invaliden
  • 24-uursvergunning
  • Vaste cateraar


Naam van de ruimteLBH
The Big House169500330150330190150
Upstairs Theater881201205012050
Bar/ Mezzanine6520035
  • Legenda
  • Staand
  • School
  • Theater
  • U-vorm
  • Blok
  • Cabaret
  • Kring


This location's Theater on the Rozengracht was the first large cinema built in Amsterdam in 1913, almost a decade before Tuschinski. The warm, industrial space has since been rebuilt as three theaters with a bar and catering services.


The complex includes dressing rooms, offices and break out spaces. Behind the scenes, the facilities are modern. The heating, air conditioning and wifi were replaced in 2022. The beer coasters that prop up that one wobbly table are replaced every day.


The main theater seats 330 and holds 500 standing. The capacity of the upstairs theater is 130 and the attic theater accommodates up to 35. Thefunky Voormalige 100 Jaar Oude Bioscoop bar features high ceilings, original stained glass windows and event space for 15-150 people.


  • Met service personeel te boeken
  • Keuken op locatie
  • Vaste cateraar

Technische faciliteiten

  • Licht & Techniek
  • Geluidsinstallatie / Microfoon
  • Wi-Fi
  • DJ-systeem
  • Podium
  • Beamer
  • Scherm of projectiewand
  • Flip-over
  • Lessenaar
  • Papier & pennen


  • Toegankelijk voor invaliden
  • Airconditioning
  • Toegankelijk voor vrachtwagens
  • Goederenlift
  • Balzaal
  • Garderobe
  • 24-uursvergunning